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Resmed AirFit N30 for AirMini

Original price was: $2,050.Current price is: $1,520.

AirFit N30 Mask To AirMini Mask Setup Pack (mask included)

The AirMini Mask Setup Pack for ResMed's renowned AirFit N30 Nasal CPAP Mask is a necessary set-up if you plan on using the AirMini with N30 mask.
Please be aware that this set-up is only compatible with each other and no other mask will suffice.
It is not compatible with other masks or machines on the market.

This version of the N30 is uniquely specific to the AirMini as it has venting specially designed to provide collected moisture into the HumidX humidification set-up.
If you already have an AirFit N30 mask, use the N30 Mask Connector for AirMini for the system to work.
The AirMini boasts the awe-inspiring HumidX and HumidX Plus; a waterless system cleverly integrated directly into the tubing of the ultra-popular AirFit N30. By balancing the moisture level you not only improve your comfort but you're also effectively avoiding dryness which is a big Win!

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